Friday, July 30, 2010

Love Rivers? Drink more beer!

Starting August 1st and running through mid-Sept, Sierra Nevada brewing based in Chico California will be donating a portion of all sales of their well loved Pale Ale and Seasonal Beers to the Western Rivers Conservancy. Western Rivers has done some great work to buy and protect some of our regions finest watersheds, including recent purchases on the South Fork Trinity and Blue Creek, a critical thermal refuge for Klamath River Salmon and Steelhead. To top it off, their beers are damn tasty and with every refreshing, hop filled sip you'll be helping protect our beloved Rivers for future generations. Gjod save my liver.


  1. um, yes please. My favorite Microbrew

    Consider multiple cases bought

  2. fuck yeah!! Love me some fish friendly beer!!

  3. My big beef with Western Rivers is that they are fragmented in their efforts. They seem to place the greatest attention and resources in their home waters of Oregon. I've been really disappointed with their recent efforts in Washington as there is nothing apparent outside of the Hoh. "Rome is burning" or about to burn in many Washington watersheds and yet, I see Western Rivers expanding their footprint to other states and yet have no clear strategy on how they prioritize their efforts in.