Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's Salmon Season

Every October I have the same internal I drive multiple hours to chase rapidly darkening summer steelhead or do I stay local, fish my home rivers during what is often the quietest time of the year. This time of the year, with just a little planning I can normally fish all day on the locals without seeing another soul. On the dryside it will be another few weeks before the crowds really thin out. Salmon runs aren't exactly gangbusters in the Salish country these days, but most rivers get a few thousand coho, chum and chinook every year and in odd years pink salmon provide entertaining fodder for a few morning beach sessions. More and more, traveling long distances to fish isn't something that sits all that well with me, particularly when I've got respectable fishing, on rivers that I know and love right out my backdoor. Besides with another mid-February closure looming for the Puget Sound rivers I want every day I can get on my home waters. Coho are in now and while the run is looking somewhat below average, fishing can still be worthwhile. Hopefully with all this rain we've had in the last weeks there will be some nice fresh fish in the river.

Calling all Coho

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