Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Been A While

Northcountry Flashback

Its been a while since I updated the blog. Apologies for the one dude somewhere out in the netherregions of the internet who actually cares. TW has probably been pressing refresh on the browser every 39 seconds for the last few days. Don't worry guys. I have been fishing, taking photographs and I'll take some time and try to write something very soon.

In the meantime...misguided state lawmakers in Washington are trying to merge WDFW with the parks and here's the killer, take the teeth out of the Fish and Wildlife Commission. I'm the first to acknowledge that WDFW has its shortcomings but the reality is, without a state fish and wildlife agency our chances of getting any sort of sound fisheries management in this state go to zero. At present the commission wields considerable power. They have the ability to hire and fire the director and as such play a prominent role in guiding WDFW's strategic vision. While hatchery and harvest reform still has a long way to go in Washington, the commission has played a major role in getting the ball rolling. If SB 5669 & HB 1850 are passed the governor will appoint the director of WDFW. Not a good idea when you consider how close Dino Rossi and his cronies at the Building Industry of Washington have been to getting the Governorship. Those are the same knobs that sued to delist upper Columbia steelhead.

The Osprey has more information and a link where you can take action.

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  1. We've got what appears to be a similar bill popping up in Salem, proposing to merge agencies. Not sure what to think...our commission is pretty effed up, and they've consistently appointed a director who's harvest/hatchery oriented. Thankfully we currently have a fish administrator (formerly known as chief of fisheries) who is a wild fish guy.

    Our fundamental problem, in my opinion, is a flat-out conflict of interest at these state agencies. They cannot possibly protect steelhead or any other ESA listed species while their bottom line is about serving the harvest-oriented constituents. Some have suggested that a merger and/or re-org could allow us to correct this conflict. Seems unlikely, but the current system is "corrupt and bankrupt," to quote an insider.

    This stuff is just way over my head, but I plan on getting more informed. Please keep us up to date and offer up more insights if you can.