Monday, February 8, 2010

Crowding, on a Monday?


Seems like every year about this time there are a few days (usually sunny) when at least half of the steelhead fly anglers in the greater Pugetropolis area decide its a good idea to fish the Big River. Now I'm no lover of crowds but its hard to get irritated when everyone you run into is courteous or already an acquaintance. Thats one thing I really love about a home river is the rotating cast of characters that also call it home. Early things weren't too bad but by afternoon the river was fairly crowded meaning I had to get a little strategic about my fishing water. After a 15 minute walk into some choice h20 I found three dudes in the run. Would've been a little choked if one of them wasn't a friend from Oregon. Hell of a nice dude and a great caster/fisherman, so I was more than content to shoot the shit for a few minutes.

Weather was gorgeous and the river was up a little with a nice color. Looks like we might even get some rain this week...better not jinx it. Its one more week on the gradschool grind until a two week break for the Olympics. Should be two weeks of neck bearded, wet sleeping, spam grubbing steelhead revelry.

Beavers know geometry?

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  1. Your killing me. Here I am sitting at my desk.