Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Here Comes TW


Teenwolf will be visiting the Great Northwest for a few days over the weekend for "Valentines Day". Anyone who really knows the dude knows he's jonesing tough right now, the 97 emails I've gotten in the last two days "re:steelhead" speak loudly to that point. I understand though, living in NY is not clutch for the steelhead thing and while a couple days back home wont scratch the surface at least its a temporary fix. I just feel bad for his lady. I expect he'll at least spend Sunday around the roost but then again, you never know how negligent a man is capable of being until the Big Trib is falling in perfectly off some highwater. Stay strong Emily.

It will be good to have the big, hairy one back for a couple days and hopefully we'll hear that new reel sing. With the low water things have been tough, but it looks like he might just bring some weather with him from the east. Looking forward to seeing you buddy.

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