Friday, April 2, 2010

150 bucks? Maybe its time to call it

Normally I wouldn't have though twice about it, but being that I'm broke and it costs 150 bucks to buy a license + steelhead tag, I couldnt pull the trigger this afternoon. I had intended to renew my annual BC freshwater license and spend the afternoon on the Sea to Sky River but the price tag chilled my enthusiasm. Of course I do need to buy a BC license at some point this year but I suppose I'm putting it off now until my desperation grows enough to justify 150 clams. Headed out to the hinterlands next weekend to visit some friends and give the season one last hurrah so that will give me time to think about the possibility of a few days in late April here in the Lower Mainland. Still deciding if they're worth the $150 price tag. The real choker of it though is that they wont sell me a resident license. I figured since I'm here semipermanently on a student visa the BC government wouldn't feel the need to gouge me so bad. I was hoping to spend a couple of weeks in the Northcountry next fall and while I still may do it, the cost my limit my ability to do a full fledged three week/month long stank fest as I'd hoped. what a pisser.


  1. You will still do it, that is the stink fest in the Fall. After all that is what loans are for and you will get to write if off in the end!

  2. what I really ned is a PhD project in Skeena Country.