Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Praise the Divine Creator

Hot damn I love spring! Bright steelhead, perfect river levels, with that sweet green color that can only come from a little bit of snowmelt runoff and a touch of rain over night. There are still plenty of fresh fish out there and fish or not life is good right about now. Take a bike ride, have a picknick and thank whatever spirit entity you worship for putting you in the most beautiful place on earth. I'm really looking forward to getting out over the long weekend, its been a while. T-bone's been fishing the dryline all winter and really made some breakthroughs, wish I had the same confidence...I guess its always good to live vicariously.

In the meantime a couple of friends and I are about to buy a sailboat. Should make for some sweet salmon/remote steelhead trips around the north end of the island.

Wish I was there right now...

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