Monday, March 15, 2010

Seattle Times Article, What Gives?

Anyone see the Seattle Times article on fishing the Queets today? Featuring Rich Simms, and Jim Schmitz of the Wild Steelhead Coalition. Hmmm. Hard not to be a knee jerky a-hole when a favorite river gets a write up in a major local news rag. Still, regardless of the localismo protectionist reaction I was disappointed that there was ZERO mention of the conservation issues facing the peninsula, the fact that the Quinault Tribe annually harvests thousands of steelhead from what would otherwise be a nearly pristine watershed. The fact that the tribe contends the escapement goal for the Queets should be just over 2000 fish when as recently at the 1980s the Queets saw runsizes well in excess of 10000 fish. Instead it was the same tired, fishing is beautiful, steelhead are majestic shite we've all seen a million times. Why wouldnt Rich or Jim raise these issues? Instead they probably contributed to even more pressure on what was recently a pretty quiet place to fish and got a brief mention of the WSC. Hardly seems worth it to me.

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  1. Yeah I wasn't happy about it initially. I trust Jim and Rich would have written a much different article if they could--the writers often write what people get excited about and unfortunately another environmental headline probably doesn't sell as many papers. On the bright side I think more people will understand how special this fish is and give a little name recognition to the WSC. Maybe a mixed blessing...