Saturday, March 13, 2010

Shops I Like: Waters West

Tucked somewhat secretly in the Northwest tip of the state of Washington is what is easily one of the best flyshops on the West Coast. Owned by Dave Steinbaugh, Waters West is a fixture on the Peninsula and has the best selection of fly tying materials I've ever seen in one place. They also run a great mail order business and are always happy to spend time on the phone with customers lining up an order. A combination of excellent service, extremely knowledgeable staff and a great shop atmosphere really set the shop apart. I dont get in there enough but when I do, I invariably spend at least an hour chatting, browsing their materials and looking at the selection of locally tied flies for inspiration. If you're headed out to the Peninsula this spring, make sure to check out Waters West, you wont regret it.

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  1. Couldn't agree more. Love Waters West; I live in PDX but when I'm in the area I always drop by Port Angeles and see the guys at the shop. They have a fantastic selection of one-handed and two-handed rods; no one knows the area better and they're not stingy with the advice.

    To me, as a budget-minded kinda guy, the main thing is the sale shtuff. Talk about great prices - racks of flies for 50 cents, or $1 for saltwater flies. I've picked up great t-shirts there for $5; Sage boots for $50. Fantastic deals for the struggling angler (who isn't?)