Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fly Guide Harvesting Steelhead on the Peninsula

In case you were in a coma and missed the shit storm that erupted last week, a fly guide illegally harvested a wild steelhead in the Upper Hoh (closed to harvest) and got busted by the state. I ran into the gamey who wrote the ticket and personally thanked him for his efforts on behalf of wild fish. I cannot imagine for a moment what the guy who bonked the fish was thinking, harvesting a wild fish in an area where it IS legal is an abomination, much less doing so when the fish has made it past the harvest gauntlet of tribal gill nets and lower river Jims. Not knowing the guide in question I decided to check out his website, all I can say is I guess its not terribly surprising he feels entitled. The guy seems to like exclamation points, cap locks and talking about how awesome he is. Also, apparently he's the best fisherman in the world.

Here's a couple of jems straight from the horses ass (I mean mouth).

"This dude gets all the ACTION!!! He's that Awesome!! REALLY!!! It's all about technique!!! SWING!!!"

So much STYLE ... So much GRACE....."

"Number ONE!!! ANY challengers??? I would like to gamble on who can catch the most chrome!!!
Bring cash check or credit card. Let's start at ten grand and go from there!!

Apparently there are a-holes in every community, even fly fishing. Too bad a native fish had to die for this guy to satisfy his raging ego.


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  2. Clearly, "style" and "grace."