Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The View

I work on top of a mountain. More of a big hill really, but its far and away the largest hill in Vancouver. Most of the winter the hill is covered in mist, and low hanging clouds which obscure the view. This morning on the way up though, the clouds parted giving way to a spectacular sunrise over all of the Georgia strait, Puget Sound, Olympic Peninsula, Cascades and Vancouver Island. There was Baker in all its glory, rose colored dawn light slowly sliding up its eastern flank. To the southwest, across the Strait of Juan De Fuca I could see the snow covered mountains of the Washington coast, beyond those are places where my mind often wanders. From sea level it all seems so vast, its easy to loose sight of the fact that for all its grandeur, the Pacific Northwest, and in particular the Puget Sound/Georgia Basin isn't the entire world. It is finite, fragile and painfully beautiful. God I love home.

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