Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Batch o' Nasties

With temperatures this week hovering around -4 in Vancouver fishing seems inadvisable. We all get a finite amount of time on the water in a given year so freezing my guides is lower on the list of priorities than a few other things at the moment. Still, the Jones' are definitely setting in, stuck in the house this weekend with crappy weather I took a little time to tie. I swear to god this year I'm fishing more traditionals, they work and its nothing like hooking a fish on a sweet tie.

A few from this week:


Clear Water 1/0 Spey

Peacock and Silver.

Shrimp Style

Nates Magic

Speaking of flies, I stumbled across the Idylwilde blog, some good stuff over there


  1. Nice ties Will. What are you using for wings on the Clearwater speys? Love that black and blue one.

  2. Awesome ties man. Those will hunt!

  3. Hey Joe, the wings are made of Golder Pheastant flank. Natural or Purple depending on the pattern