Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Wisdom of T Bone

Talking today to Tbone about an article I saw in the Oregonian about 4 counties in WA and OR that are opposing the Columbia DEIS on the grounds that they believe the Columbia needs more hatchery fish he dropped some seriously enlightening knowledge about the state of political affairs in some of the counties in Coastal Washington and Oregon:

"jims love hatcheries...jims live in the counties at the columbia mouth....jims vote in jims as county reps at the columbia mouth....those reps dont know their ass from their mouth but lower taxes while demanding federal subsidization of perceived entitlements at the cost of the country's natural capital"

"yay for america"

The funny thing is, he's right. These county commissioners, with their opposition to the DEIS are actually doing themselves a disservice. Upper River stocks are depressed in part because of huge numbers of unfit hatchery fish spawning in the wild, and until ESA listed stocks make some semblance of a recovery, down river fishing opportunities are going to continue to be very limited. It doesnt matter how many hatchery fish you dump into the Columbia as long as they're swimming along side endangered Redfish Lake Sockeye, Upper Columbia Steelhead, etc. Figure it out Jim' doesn't take einstein

More info from the Osprey:

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  1. This is why "conservative" and "liberal" are such useless terms in politics.

    We should instead use "short-sighted/greedy" and "Big Picture" to describe individual members of the political class, on any level.

    Can you guess where 98% of