Thursday, December 9, 2010

Its About that Time

With heavy rain falling throughout the region, life around here is starting to feel pretty darned fishy. We've had a spell of cold, low water and with warmer temps and a splash of rain things ought to pick up in a major way now. There have been reports of fish in every major river but the next few weeks will be telling with regards to how the hatchery return will shape up. This time of year can be tough, with ultra short days, unpredictable conditions and unsnappy fish, but its great to feel the drive to fish taking over again. November is always a time for recovery, relaxation and attending to nonangling related matters. Now its time to tuck in the kids, kiss the wife goodbye and buckle down for the best part of a steelheaders year. I've spent the past 3 days tying, cutting tips, prepping gear, now its time to go, should be a fun ride.


  1. Good luck...keep us updated.

  2. Need tube flies. Already got more tips than I need left over from last year. Have two rods rigged in corner of den. It is raining cats and dogs, figuratively. Need time on river with two-hander. Please! Come-on, chrome. Jay