Thursday, December 2, 2010

Jonesing...Very Hard

Jonesing obscenely hard this week. Its been more than a while since I've been on the water and we're right in the midst of the steelhead doldrums here in the Salish Sea. Things are about to get slightly more interestin in the next month as we should be seeing a few hatchery winters, enough at least to keep the antsiness and cabin fever at bay. My attention span has been next to zero one minute someone in the lab is talking to me, giving me very important instructions the next I'm wondering where I'd like to fish in February during the reading break. Wondering what the run just above the junction with the Big River looks like, and if the fish will be laying in the run above the bridge like last year. Hopefully winter break will provide an opportunity to get out and fish a little. Wouldn't mind making it out to the rainsoaked hinterlands but we'll see what familial responsibilities come up. In the meantime day dreaming, scouring the internet aimlessly for fish porn or scenery photos will have to do.


  1. Can you hear them? They're calling you... "na na nana na!

    The Average Joe Flyfisherman

  2. I feel your pain! Way too much time on the computer, way too much time at the vise, way too much time spent monitering gages and temperatures, and not enough time on the water!!! A few more days and it will all be over once our GL tribs settle down and start to fish again......woe is me!