Monday, November 16, 2009


Bull Trout, Dollies, whatever you want to call them. They're sweet fish. Alot of anglers talk bad about char, they dont fight or whatever. Bottom line though, if you target them with appropriate tackle they're pretty good sport on the fly. Since they're so aggressive the takes can be fantastic and on these cruddy, cold, early winter days when the odds of catching a steelhead are 0.0001 having a nice, chunky char give you a yank is a good feeling. Normally i've just incidentally caught them while fishing for steelhead, as it turns out you don't catch that many, or many of the big ones fishing that way. If you want to find the big boys you've got to know where to look, tie on a big, fat, nasty fly with lots of flash (approx 5 inches long), huck and strip....then hold on.

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