Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Raining Raining Raining

Conditions have been shiet since the middle of the month and it looks like it will be damn near december before the rivers get back to really fishable. The soggy rivers of the wild coast are pretty much gonezilla, the gauge has fluctuated between vaugely fishable and 8 feet too high for 10ish days and the big river has been marginal at best. Sissy boy, brohans powder hounds have been pretty jazzed about the early winter weather, but frankly short of packing snow on for summer steelhead season I couldn't care less about the how deep the, "pow" is. Hasn't always been that way I suppose, but I haven't touched a ski mountain since I hooked my first winter steelhead on the swing. Dont really see myself getting back to it either. Living in Van people's jaws drop when you tell them you dont ski, aren't interested and have better things to do. Whatever. The last thing I want to do is pay some heinously corporate development company like Intrawest (they own whistler) 100 bucks a day to stand in lift lines...so bourgeois. Winter steelhead may be tough to come by but at least they're egalitarian and you dont gotta drop 120 clams to chase them.

I guess we have to pay weather dues at some point though. At least this isn't happening in February (yet). Before the water came there was talk of decent numbers of hatchery turds in some of the rivers. By the time the rivers drop they ought to be loaded and ready for the bonkin'.

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