Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hardy Pfluegle

A lot of my fishing buddies fish hardy reels, so much soul in those reels, the classic looks, minimal drag, and screaming loud clicker. Unfortunately for me, I'm a poor ass grad student and while I would love to justify buying a sexy reel it would mean not eating for approximately a month. Instead, I've settled for Hardy's special edition the Pfluegle. At 42 bucks a pop they're a helluva deal and fulfill the primary job of a reel...holding line. The clicker's not quite as loud, and I wouldn't be surprised if someday a screaming hot fish caused a total bedshitting but until then I'm pretty satisfied with the performance. Plus, the classic looks beat the hell out of the overpriced, soulless, space age, disk drag reels that people seem to think they need. For the price of one of those monstrocities I could buy two pfluegers, take a 2 week trip to the Northcountry, and drink good whisky the whole time. That makes a lot of sense to me. As an added bonus the reel can wobble pretty sweetlike when a hot fish is running hard. Check some photos of the Hardy Pluegle in action.

Pfluegle and Sealice

Pflueger Medalist advisory staff

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  1. Now that was funny.
    Nothing wrong with an old Pflueger. At least they don't look like a hubcap from a '59 Ford Fairlane.
    Fly fishing is about the experience... gear is secondary.