Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Couple of Sea Creatures

Been tying lately. Lacking fishing time doesnt mean I can't dream, besides this water's got to have a few fish pushed into the locals. Sometimes there's just too much steelhead mojo for it not to pay off. River dropped a foot over the last couple days and things should be looking pretty good. Gonna try to get down to the Big River and the Big Trib before they shut her down. Its all about being on my favorite Rivers. There's stirrings of a journey to the hinterlands this weekend as well although the delirious little Greek dude that tail ended me had other ideas. Gonna borrow the automobile of a friend tomorrow and make a few swings before the 2PM class. The Little 6/7/8 Solstice rips with a 510 compact and its just the right size for this little river and its fish. Wish me luck fellers.
In the meantime, thought you might like to see a few of the latest nasties. Nothing too purty but they wiggle, sink decent and aren't heinous to cast, all desirable qualities in a swimming fly.

Two Favorite Color Combos and one I've been meaning to tie for a while. which one has the most Mojo?

Black, Purple, Kingfisher. Good on dark days or during periods of turbid water, or anytime really. This one has accounted for more fish than any other set of colors for sure.

Orange and Pink. Bright Fish Crush this color, its been most successful for me on the coast and on June Summers. Super Dirty when the waters got a little color and there is a bit of sun on the water.

Pink and Peach. Haven't fished it much although pink has definitely yielded a few fish. Also had my pocket picked pretty tough with this color last spring by T-Bone. Lucky that fish was a kelt. Still a nice fish, would've been gorgeous on the way in

Check out the hound sneaking in for the sniff. Of course T would argue they need egg heads

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