Monday, January 18, 2010

It's Official, Skagit/Sauk Closing

Not terribly surprising since the rumors have been swirling for weeks but its official the Skagit and Sauk are closing February 16th. Would've seemed unimaginable just a decade ago but a failure by WDFW to take proactive management action has led us to tragically depleted Puget Sound Runs. I pray we've hit rock bottom and we've got no where to go but up. The last few years of learning and loving those two rivers have been some of the most rewarding fishing experiences of my life. I'll fish till they close and then hope to god that we can work together to find a solution to recover these amazing wild steelhead.

I'm pissed as hell and I hope the rest of you are as well. Time to take our rivers back and straighten things out. The fish will rebuild from the scraps. That's what they do best. A few shots from the last few years:

Epic Scene

Landing a Beauty

Pete's Transport



  1. Nice pictures Will. I was wondering when you would comment about this, but I expected more anger or depression. It's sad that I grew up in Washington, but will not likely ever catch a steelhead out of these two rivers. Hopefully some real decisions get made in the near future...