Sunday, January 31, 2010

Big River Panorama

Nice quiet Sunday on the River today. Crowds were minimal, water low. The jims seem to love congregating in one spot. Had a bit of a run in with two gents who thought it was a good idea to first put a native fish in the bottom of their boat to unhook it, and then decided to cast over my line, twice...needless to say they heard the full extent of my vocabulary.

Otherwise a lovely day on the water. Weather was fishy as hell, and even with the crystal clear water, the lowlight had me feeling my mojo most of the day. Landed one nice resident rainbow and had a mystery yank in the dangle.

PS-if you lost a line on the Big River in the last few weeks I might've found it. Post a comment with the description of the line, sinktip, location, etc and a way to contact you.


  1. No idea where the "Big River" is, but I lost a 600gr Airflow Compact Skagit, 5' or 7.5' cheater (not sure but I should probably check) with 12' T-14 on the Snoqualmie last week.

  2. Sorry hombre, I havent been on the Snoqualmie. Bummer about your line though.