Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fishing from a boat with a flyrod

There is only one reason in my book why an angler could be justified in fishing from the boat with a bobbercator. That would be a disability. As my good buddy Ryan says, "you could fish from a boat if you didn't have legs". Right now some dudes are fishing some smaller summer run rivers in Washington from a boat and hooking more than 10 fish a day in many cases, completely numbers oriented cutthroats. Do these guys really need to impact double digit numbers of listed fish? What are they making up for? Fishing from boats has got to be one of the sissyest fishing techniques ever, everyone knows big boys swing flies from the bank right.

Or maybe its just as a wise steelhead cowboy once said, "you know, there's a better rod for fishing like that"

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  1. There is a time and place for everything, like fishing on the go, but I agree thinking you are a steelheader by only fishing with a nymph rod is for pansies. This is especially so for guides.