Friday, October 30, 2009

Holy F'in Rain!

Goddamn this rain. With an El Nino headed our way we might see alot of this pineapple BS. The Big Mighty River is forecasted to go over 40k. While its not total death for those little baby salmon eggs that gazillions of pinks dumped in the rivers gravels this year it wont be helping their survival. I hate El Nino. Is it just me or does it seem like we're getting a bullshit winter every 3-5 years nowdays vs. the every 7 it used to be. The other bitch about these warm, wet years is the snow pack is bogus so the following summer rivers get bone low, oh and the coastal shelf where all our salmon go to grow fat and shiny is really unproductive in years like this so all those managers who are patting themselves on the back in the Columbia Basin after huge returns this year will in all likelihood be shitting their pants in about 3 years when coho and chinook returns start tanking. Such is life in the rivers of the pacific northwest. We will always have our ups and downs, as anglers we just need to have some perspective and make sure we get our asses on the water when runs are good. Sorry for the downer post but I was planning on fishing Monday...fuckineh.

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