Monday, October 26, 2009

Steelhead Bums Rules to Live By

1. Wild Steelhead are precious, they're the finest fish swimming in freshwater. period.
2. Swing flies. that huge, electricity filled yank is why we spend hundreds of dollars on two handed rods, sleep in our trucks when night time temps dip below 20 degrees and generally live a miserable, wet, sleep deprived life all winter.
3. Bobbers are training wheels for the fly angler. Personally I stopped using training wheels around age three.
4.Hatchery Fish=meat
5. Do not run your mouth about fishing, especially spots unless you want every cheese dick and his uncle standing there next time. If you have to tell people about how great you are at fishing you're doing it for the wrong reasons.
6. Do not generally be an ass.
7. An angler is measured by his dedication to the pursuit, not by the number of fish he drags up on the bank
8. Dont drag fish on the bank. Wild fish stay in the water, they dont breathe air buddy.
9. Grip and grin photos look like shit, the fish is the thing of beauty not your ugly mug.
10. Do not shit fight.

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