Friday, October 23, 2009

Welcome to the blog

Welcome to the apocalypse steelhead blog. Don't know what inspired me to start this rag of "self expression" I just figure I'm sick over how much I love steelhead and there might be some other junkies out there who can relate. So thats really it, we'll see where it goes. Dont make too much of the title, I'm not some crazy bible thumping whack job moron but we might well be living in the last days of steelhead fishing. Personally I hope to god we aren't and I'm willing to fight tooth and nail to save the wild fish that we all love so much. Cause fuckin eh, wild steelhead are something else. Who doesn't remember their first. Or the first time you got your ass absolutely handed to you. Steelhead drive us to madness, alienate us from family, girlfriends and nonfishermen generally. No one who hasn't experienced the high these fish could bring would ever even consider standing ass deep in a near freezing river with snow, sleet and hail pounding down all day. But fuck, when you're tailing a three foot long sauk hen with 4,000 foot snow covered northcascades towering over you its all worth it. So, thats what I do. Yeah occasionally I work, go to school or do whatever the fuck else the rat race demands but most of the time I'm not fishing I'm daydreaming of it.

Now dont get the wrong idea, I'm not some ass clown, chest thumping lip ripper. I loath people with that mentality, I also loath bobber fishing cheesedicks (more on this later) . How could you possibly thiink of nothing but pure, overzelous, exploitation of these amazing wild fish when we're all watching them slip away. Every wild fish is a gem, and anyone who sees it that way is alright in my book. So thats it. Hope you all enjoy the blog.

Oh and I thought I better start this off with a little nod to all the chromer loving bastards out there. Here's one from the northcountry

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