Monday, December 7, 2009

Fish Meat

I eat fishmeat every chance I get. No wild fish, only hatch doggies and frankly even though I like the stuff if I never ate another salmon again it wouldn't break my heart. Not if they'd take the god forsaken, sack'o'trash, no fin having, death rolling, hatchery turds out of just a couple of rivers. Instead we dump them everywhere, spending millions of dollars annually on ineffective, hatchery wellfare. And most of the jims who love those hatcheries spend half their free time bitching about government handouts and welfare for the lazy. pssh.

Still a man does love that sweet smoked belly meat. the crispy skin post barbeque. When I'm camped out sometimes I'll just eat it with salt, pepper and some bar-b sauce. swear to god its the tastiest thing since tater-tots. Then sometimes we get fancy with the pan fried steelhead cakes, meltin in your mouth like damn I love heart attacks. oh boy, better check the back of the freezer, I might still have a filet or two.

Teenwolf and T-bone modeling the summer fashions. meat on a stick style

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