Friday, December 4, 2009

This one goes out to T-bone, keep practicing your Scottish accent buddy. The trailer is pretty heady with its dramatic music, panning helicopter shots and seriously unnecessary 15 second aerialized load. Still after meeting Scott last May at the Sandy I can say with certainty he doesn't take him self as seriously as the video might lead you to believe. That said, the dude can drop serious bombs. Plus with his Scottish accent he's gotta be a good fisherman right?


  1. wah wah....We're here in the wee hills of the upper Skagit River, a gallant river in located in the Northwest Territories of her majesty's colony, America. Rumor has that Scott MacKenzie has been spotted plying the river's waters for the famed Steel Head, the lesser known cousin of our homeland's own Salmo Salar. Today we join him for a lesson in the art of Spey casting.

  2. I caught this trailer the other day. Quite nice.