Sunday, December 13, 2009

On the Loose in New York...Teen Wolf

15lbs of B-Run Pork. 240 pounds of Man bear pig.

There have been reports of a gigantic, barrel chested, merry making, fly stealing, doctor wanna be, man bear pig on the loose in New York. Lock up your whiskey and your "steelhead" (also known as lake run rainbow trout) east coasters, that fucker's not to be trusted. The Teen Wolf has relocated to New York state for a few years of hard time behind med school bars with some prospect of going fishing by the time he's 35 years old. After living with the hairy, mess loving, ketchup feeder last year we've really started to miss the SOB and while we are really looking forward to the next few months of living under a bridge in steelhead country it wont be the same without him.

Teen wolf and the Fish hound team up

Teenwolf has been responsible for some pretty awesome hilarity over the last year or two, including one legendary incident resulting in the coining of a now infamous phrase, the "Tennessee Toothbrush". After a tough day steelheading on a Washington River known for issuing some pretty harsh beatdowns we were settling, having a few drinks and getting ready to call it a day. Trying to stave off a certain case of mossy teeth, beer mouth, and general vileness the following morning I partook in the dentist recommended activity of brushing my teeth (gotta keep those pearly whites shiny). When I asked TW if he intended to do the same he pointed to a bottle of knob creek sitting next to his sleeping bag, "just gonna swash some of this around, that oughta do the trick." Ahhh, the old Tennessee toothbrush! Another instant classic was the time last year when Teenwolf and I both piled into my tiny achilles raft to access the lower end of the Big Trib, not the most comfortable or the safest float of my life but the other boats we saw had a good laugh. Two dudes whos combined weight is in the neighborhood of 420 (TW is easily 240 of that) lbs in one tiny raft with 3 foot paddles. Super ghey, but funny all the same.

Two dudes in that raft? Not Coastguard Approved

Over here on the westcoast we're all looking forward to the return of our good hearted, degenerate friend and hoping once he's a bonified Dr of the Medicine he'll be around more permanently. Hang tough over there buddy, I know those east coast lake run rainbow trout are sissy but you're resilient.

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