Friday, December 4, 2009

Fishing Buddies

Living under a bridge in steelhead country isn't exactly the most conducive lifestyle to making friends, and for the most part I prefer fishing alone, the Steelhead Dog is all the companionship I need. If you're like me and you hate fishing on the weekends if you can avoid it, it can be pretty tough finding anyone who's schedule jibes with yours to get out with. Fishing alone gives us the opportunity to completely escape the noise of our day to day interactions, the fake social customs, and the contrived BS most of us go through at our workplace from time to time (not that I work).

That said, fishing with a partner isn't all bad, and over the years I've met and fished with some pretty cool folks. Whether I've known them for years or just met them recently, fishing buddies really are a diverse cast of characters. The different personalities, opinions (fishing, political, otherwise), and backgrounds make them all unique. Since the steelhead bug bit I've been lucky to come across some pretty cool people who were willing to help me along, and some others who were just getting started in this ridiculous pursuit. The trash talking, beer swilling, meat eating group of he man wanna be, spey casting, bums I spend most of time are a pretty interesting cast of characters. Most of them are pretty crafty fishermen, and can be downright hilarious to boot.

All that is a lead up to saying that occasionally on this here blog I'll be devoting some time to one of my fishing buddies. A way of appreciating the folks that make the life of an otherwise solitary angler more lively. You've already been introduced to a few of these mangy bastards in previous posts but this will be a little more formal like.

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